The range of high-performing regulators uphold Mares’ tradition of excellence for great design and engineering. They are known for bringing together style, performance, and a great deal of technological advancements - all for Mares’ mission of making breathing underwater a safe and natural process.

Mares regulators are integrated with a variety of unique technologies that every diver deserves to experience. Advanced coating technology is one - wherein the new valve in the X systems have increased durability by an astounding 600%. Mares regulators are also designed with VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) and Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) - both of which keeps breathing easy and controllable at all depths, even under the most extreme diving conditions.



Mares 15X First Stage Regulator

The Mares 15x First Stage Regulator equates to reliability and innovative performance. It is an ergonomically designed balanced

Mares 22X First Stage Regulator

The Mares 22x First Stage Regulator rose to fame all because of the consistent reliability as shown in multiple records in diving

Mares 25XR First Stage Regulator

The Mares 25XR First Stage Regulator is a unique balanced-diaphragm first stage from the Mares’ Extended Range (XR) gear

Mares 2S First Stage Regulator

The Mares 2S First Stage Regulator is a simple yet reliable downstream piston choice preferred by diving centers because of

Mares 52X First Stage Regulator

The Mares 52x First Stage Regulator is one of Mares’ flagship products and is proven to be a leader in the diaphragm design

Mares Abyss Regulator

The supreme Mares Abyss Regulator is a high performance regulator with a light and minimal diaphragm. This regulator’s

Mares Carbon Regulator

The Mares Carbon regulator uses 100% Carbon Technology which offers extreme performance even in the deepest of dives. It is

Mares Fusion Regulator

The Mares Fusion regulator is here. It is the ultimate ideal in high-performance scuba regulators. This one marks a radical move

Mares Instinct Regulator

The Mares Instinct Regulator is a hybrid regulator with an outstanding design and with all the parts and features of the

Mares LOOP Regulator

The vertical revolution is on with the Mares Loop Regulator. With a unique design and system that exceeds the high

Mares Prestige Regulator

The first-rate Mares Prestige regulator is compact and reliable. It incorporates most of the best features of Mares regulators.

Mares R2S VR Regulator

The Mares R2S VR Regulator is the first vertical second stage ever! Made specially for the Extended Range, the Mares Vertical

Mares Rover Regulator

The Mares Rover Regulator is made specially for frequent divers who are consistently demanding for extreme reliability and

Mares XR CR Regulator

The Mares XR CR Regulator is a full tec regulator set that is specifically designed and created for cave dives. It is part of the

Mares XR DR Regulator

The Mares XR DR Regulator (Deep Regulator) is a complete technical diving regulator set from the Extended Range (XR) of